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24/24a Ash Road Headingley Leeds LS6 3JF



We realize even in our well maintained houses things go wrong from time to time. If you do have a problem you should call the office during office hours 01132757668, drop and email to headingleyps@btconnect.com or drop in at the office. We will try our best to get the repair done within 24 hours. Our repair team finish at 4.30pm so its best if you can call any repairs in early morning.

If there is an out of hours emergency you can contact Graham on 07711842712 or Clare on 07775907543.  If it is for lost keys please be aware that the call out charge is £35 plus VAT. If you need keys replacing we obviously do not have a facility to cut them out of hours but they can be cut the next working day. Charge for replacement keys is £10 per key.

If you smell Gas – call Transco emergancy line on 0800111999 (do not use electric switches, use naked flames or smoke and open windows).

If there is a water leak switch off water at your stop tap. This will be in the cupboard under your sink, next to your washing machine or in your basement.

If Electric is off check with YEDL on 0800375675 to see if its a power cut. If its not check your fuse box. Switch all fuses to the on position. If one will not push up or keeps tripping unplug all appliances and then put back one at a time to determine what is fusing the system (its often a faulty toaster/ hairdryer).

When you move in and inventory is done you will be shown how to use your burglar alarm and given your Code. Our houses are very secure but its your responsibilty to ensure windows and doors are locked when you are out and alarm is set. If you were to be burgled your local police station is Weetwood 01132413459. Emergency number for police is obviously 999 but if you want to report a none emergency please use the 101 number.

All our houses have fire alarm systems. They do go off sometimes when they shouldn’t. If yours sounds first check around that there isnt a fire. If there isnt you should follow the instructions we have left you on the wall next to the panel (usually high on wall by front door).  On the usual panels it will tell you a zone with a flashing light or will light up with what the fault is. Make a note of this and reset using. If you have broken a breakglass when there was no fire you will be charged a call out charge for the electrician for him to replace glass and reset panel (around £50).

Lastly whilst we do most repairs through our in house team white goods (fridges/ washers/ dishwashers) are on a contract with ARC. These usually attend repairs within 48 hours. Boiler repairs we use several gas safe engineers in the area to ensure that any boiler faults are repaired quickly to avoid any discomfort. Gardens are maintained on a rota with other houses. If yours is in need of doing do let us know so we can bring it to the gardeners attention. Please for your part make sure your garden / outside space is clean and tidy. Use the bins provided and make sure you put them out on bin days. Check your bin day by clicking here